I completed a Fine Art degree in 1994 and have continued to work in this field up to the present day. This has consisted of many paintings and a period of 12 years working as a scenic artist with the Royal Lyceum Theatre Co. in Edinburgh. I continued to paint my own canvases during this time although I think the theatre work has involved the most amount of experimentation and learning.

I took some time off from the Lyceum Theatre in 2013 to do a large scale commission for the artist John Byrne and the Festival Theatres which involved painting John Byrne’s design onto the 10m diameter dome of the Kings Theatre.

In 2015 I was offered another large scale project to paint another dome in Glasgow and left the Lyceum Theatre to pursue this work. Having thought the King’s dome was an intense difficult job, this dome was to prove even more so. There was the added pressure of using my own design, although with a brief, and the more complex shape of the dome. Quickly following this dome painting, I began work on another large scale commission. This was an 880 x 360cm canvas to be painted offsite then attached to an internal curved wall. Another complicated design but no tricky curves to work with while painting and the luxury of painting in a studio was welcome after many hours up a scaffolding tower.

I have also been working on a series of footballing portraits over the last decade and hope to post some images of these and anything else that might get produced.